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Online Photo Party – 2nd Saturday of the Month

November 14th at 2pm EST, Join our fun group of diverse photographers to explore key elements of meaningful photography that are rarely discussed.

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Online Photo Party – 2nd Saturday of the Month

Thanks for the heartfelt outpouring of creative ideas from our last Monthly Online Photo Party. It’s great fun, but also a forum to define our next goals, with a monthly deadline to make it happen.

NOVEMBER 14th, 2020

Saturday Afternoon at 2pm EST zone USA
11am PST zone USA, and 8PM for our friends in Italy, France…

Robin Davis Online Photo Sessions One on One personal Mentoring live from her studio

We will begin with a short discussion and question to get you thinking about how you communicate through your photography. Each of us can play along, and are encouraged to comment and ask questions.

Everyone will want to keep pen and paper handy.

Creative photography is about fun self-discoveries that pave our insightful path forward. Our supportive group is the perfect environment to create our dream assignments, from the spark of inspiration at the start, and following through to the FINISH!


Each month we will end with our ideas and inspirations firmly in place and our next actions well defined. New and ongoing themes will tie into the next month’s meeting, which helps us by serving as our deadline, as well as a fun event and supportive forum of friends to look forward to seeing.

There’s something that happens when we all get together and now we are doing it ONLINE. Each of us will be a part of building up that great energetic synergy, and the ideas of inspiration will be in full flow! Where will it take us?!

Join our fun group of photographers from all over, to explore key elements of meaningful photography that are rarely discussed.

After you register, a Sign-in Link and password to our Zoom Meeting will be sent to you. PLEASE KEEP THIS LINK (and email) and use it to sign in 10 minutes prior to start time. If you are not already set up on Zoom please register before our meeting.

Questions or Comments? Contact Robin


Online Photography Lessons and Mentoring


To share my lineage of knowledge, from my teachers and there teachers, passing onward to you, is a pleasure! Helping you achieve your goals is my biggest thrill, and I am thankful for the insights and AHA! Moments we’ve shared together. Now, our Online Sessions let us safely continue this fun and rewarding process”     – Robin Davis



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