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Mar 3 2019 The Whispering in the Wood

Sounds from the violin entice our beautiful model into a forest dance, and they inspire our photography. Part performance/part PHOTOSHOOT, we will have a unique opportunity here, an artful blending of a controlled shoot amid beautiful, natural backgrounds, with movement and emotional energy… without an overly-staged and static feel. Like being within a magical scene… much like shooting stills from a beautiful movie, our photos will resonate with THE WHISPERING IN THE WOOD!


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UPDATE: We are hoping for glowy overcast skies to match the mood of our shoot, but in case of rain, we have a great plan B!

IF our forest location is rained out, we’ll meet instead in Robin’s studio for our combined performance and photoshoot, creating a beautiful SET with Robin’s Renaissance Lighting, and the shapes and shadows of tree limbs and magical props.


Sunday March 3rd, 2019
from 3:30 til 6:30 pm
Atlanta GA*

Violinist PAUL MERCER brings many layers of meaning to our afternoon photo workshop, not to mention over 500 years of violin legacy, a science of tuning and sound vibration, and… a preview performance of his yet to be released Composition titled… The Whispering in the Wood !

…and joining us in this fun and relaxed collaboration is Paul’s beautiful and talented wife, SARAH FALLS, an accomplished performance artist & costume designer and fabricator, who is currently working on several movie and TV show productions in Atlanta. I am honored and excited to announce this photographic opportunity and cannot wait!

These Latin words below were inscribed on a 1500s era Viol (the predecessor of the violin) and they make us mindful of that long ago tree from a 16th century forest that still speaks to us today… down through the ages. SEE PAUL’s Film about Violin History

It is in this spirit that we will create our beautiful photo imagery with Paul and Sarah.

Viva fui in Sylvis
I was living in the forest

sum dura occisa securi
the cruel axe did slay me

Dum vixi tacui
Living I was mute

mortua dulce cano
Dead I sweetly sing


To inspire us beyond a typical model shoot, there is a creative moment of transformation that can happen when we are in tune with our subject… that spark when we get a truly magical shot. This is what I am always searching for when we are on our shoots together. It is a fleeting transcendence that we are trying to catch that just rings true and makes us feel as if we are looking into that hidden world, for a flicker of a moment between time that we may be able to catch with our cameras.

When we meet on Sunday afternoon, I will be asking each of you to pause for a moment and take a look around before we start photographing. We will be looking for light and interesting shapes in our backgrounds, and also for anything unneeded that we will purposefully be cropping out of our frame. We will also have time to direct our beautifully costumed performers, or have them repeat short elements of the performance or dance that we may like to reshoot and experiment with.

So come join us for dramatic photography in a beautiful forest location in ATLANTA, GA.  I will announce our budding Springtime woodland location to all registered participants, along with detailed directions and instructions on what to bring, and please Contact Robin if you have any questions.

Here are images from some past workshops:

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