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NEW YEAR Special Offer… Two-for-One Hour – Personal Mentoring Session with Robin Davis

ENDING JANUARY 31st – register for a one-on-one lesson with inspirational photography Mentor ROBIN DAVIS to develop and hone your personal creative direction. This Special TWO HOUR Session is being offered at the ONE HOUR Price.

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Into the New Year…

Where will your photography lead you next? What are your photographic hopes and dreams? This fun and insightful session with Photography Mentor Robin Davis will gently ignite your deepest way of seeing …a highly productive combination of a Photographic Review and Private Lesson together!

A TWO Hour Personal Session with Robin  – For the ONE Hour Price

Special Offer ending JANUARY 31st*

*Lessons purchased may be scheduled later on,
and into the new year. Dates are also available,
in Atlanta GA, St. Simons Island GA and other locations…

“Robin has taught me how to communicate MY ideas through my images, what she calls a soul-level approach to photography …and also an understanding of how other people view my work… she found key strong points I never realized I had, and opened a clear new path to creating the type of photography I’ve truly been drawn to all along! I feel like I have just been woken up LOL!”     – M.Clarke

Since 1998 Robin has inspired her students to achieve their own exploration of photography, Click Here for Testimonials from past workshops.


Robin will review your photography and help you capitalize on your unique strengths and interests. A specific set of in-camera techniques and directives will be formulated and then practiced together. These ideas will culminate into a perfect self assignment project for you to continue to work on… a firm direction for your future photographic endeavors.


At the cusp of a New Year, it is a good time to take stock of what we would like to do with our photography.

Photography is our new way of communicating, and strong images speak an instantaneous language through the minds eye.


Here are some points to consider… What is the intention behind the photography you want to create? Is it to sell as art or commercial imagery, is it to illustrate more about your business, friends and family, or other interests, or is it a personal venture into your creative self expression, for social media, or a mixture? When we ask ourselves what we want, often we begin to think more purposefully when we are making our photographs, and by being more dialed in, we are happier with the results.

This is where the fun really begins! With today’s camera options, we can formulate our own visual recipes to support the emotional context of our images… upfront, AS we are taking them.  Post production effects, printing surfaces and framing decisions all come together for a powerful final presentation, and a great feeling of accomplishment when we bring our ideas to completion.

Being mindful of a bigger idea of style, technique, and intention is what allows us to grow as creative photographers. Robin shares the inner practices from her own artistic path, along with a deeper understanding of our true photographic purpose.

To set up a time for your personal lesson, or to get more details on the scope of your individual instruction, Contact Robin

The two-for-one hour lesson SPECIAL OFFER ends January 31st.


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