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MAR 16 2019|ROBIN DAVIS PRESENTATION at Big Canoe Photography Club

We will also explore some exciting time periods in both painting and photography, and some inspirational ways to get those same effects in your own work. Starting with an idea up front and making fun in-camera decisions let’s you create artistic images, and in fact, your own unique photographic style.

Robin will also relate how painting has influenced her work, consider the future of photography as an art form, and also go back in time to find the historical traditions linking painting and photography.

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Leda by Robin Davis

A Discussion of the Influences of Painting on Photography

…and Photography back to Painting,
the common truths that all art shares

Join us to explore exciting time periods in both painting and photography, and ways to get those same effects in your own work.


Big Canoe Photography Club

Big Canoe Swim Club
Wolfscratch Dr, Jasper, GA 30143

This is a Free Event and everyone is welcome


Cortona Still Life by Robin Davis

Influences from the past still subconsciously guide the visual decisions we make with our Photography. A rich history of Art within our Human Evolution is subtly guiding us, by what we think is right or wrong, an attraction to the familiar, or perhaps a deliberate departure from convention. By being aware, we have an exhilarating appreciation of the visual powers that are at work in our own photography today!

In addition, Robin will share some of her in-camera techniques for painterly effects, and consider the importance of setting your intention up front as you work within an idea-based series to create photography with meaning.

To view some of her work, please see her website –


Above Photo: AMY WITH BOOK – from the Private Chambers Series, 2018
All text and Image © Robin Davis


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