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Oct 21 – Nov 22, 2017   NINE

Robin Davis is showing again at pb&j Gallery in Kirkwood,
in a new exhibition featuring the selected works of nine photographers

Opening Party  October 21st  7pm – 10pm

pb&j gallery
35 Howard St., SE
Atlanta, GA 30317

Dancing Olive by Robin Davis

Meditative in-camera compositions, fully utilizing the perfect geometries of the divine square. The series is united by cool tones that vibrate from greens to blues. The Nine selected square images each have a paired subject that will be fun to pick out!


Serendipitous alignments and light coincide, as the shapes of subject and environment meld within the pre-ordained square format. Robin’s images are created in the moment, and framed as in-camera compositions, from edge to edge. There are no additional layerings, cropping or after-effects involved, and she approaches each image as a series of quickly meditated decisions, locked in with a click, the satisfaction being that there will be no other post production effects required.

This collection of nine images, printed by the artist on canvas squares, was created during some of Robin’s workshop trips, using her techniques for thoughtful image making, which she also enjoys sharing with her photo students in the US, France and Italy.

The black-edged defining image border is also a conscious homage to the teachings of Robin’s Mentors and the long lineage of knowledge they handed down to her. In the tradition of the days of film, the inclusion of the black film’s border was an unwavering symbol of what the photographer had truly chosen to include or consciously crop out of their art… and the thought of after-cropping did not exist.

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