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One Hour Photography Sessions

Personal Mentoring Session with Robin Davis – Hourly sessions available to schedule at your convenience. Email Robin to set up your date and time.


One Hour Session

Learn to take Images you will really really LOVE!


Private Photography Lessons and Mentoring


Your one-on-one Private Photography Lesson includes all aspects of your photographic goals, from creative ideas to the techniques to make it all happen… down to the final print and presentation! Robin offers comprehensive guidance on every aspect of camera manipulation in 35mm, medium or large format, for digital or film, & Creative CELL PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY TOO! Aesthetic composition and design, and instruction for editing, post production and printing techniques are also covered.

Where will your Photography take you?

It’s when you take the time to truly look at your own work that your photographic hopes and dreams take shape, and true to form, these intentions will carry you to a place of deep satisfaction and personal fulfillment.”  – Robin Davis

Each hour long session will be tailored to your specific requests.
In-Person and Online Sessions are available.

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Woman with Umbrella dancing in waterfall photo workshop demonstration by Robin Davis

To share my lineage of knowledge, from my teachers and there teachers, passing onward to you, is a pleasure!

The mentorship tradition allows teaching at its deepest level of understanding, with insights of art and life that can only be exchanged through this very real and personal experience.

Helping you achieve your true goals is my biggest thrill, and I am thankful for the insights and AHA! Moments we’ve shared together.”    – Robin Davis





Includes a comprehensive review of your current portfolio, or how to create one. Learn to see and understand your unique strengths as an artist, edit for your strongest body (or bodies) of work for any audience, hone your printing and presentation, and find your life’s direction in photography.

There is a joy that comes when we create a body of images that work together, and flow from one to the next. This is how we entertain the eye of our viewing audience, never jarring them with a mish-mash of tonalities and styles. I love working with my students to help them discover their true soul-level approach to meaningful photography.”     – Robin Davis



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