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April 21 2021   Seeing the Creative Spirit in Nature – with Robin Davis

Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club hosts Robin Davis to discuss how we see and communicate visual messages from the world of nature

Robin Davis Nature Photography Workshop

Seeing the Creative Spirit in Nature with Robin Davis

an Online Presentation with
Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club

Lately our solo expeditions into Nature have not only been a safe escape, but also an inspiration for personal creativity in our photography.

Robin Davis of The Third Eye Photography Workshops shares ideas from her own work, plus 3 Directives for creating strong images as we enjoy the beauty of the natural world. She will conclude with some new assignment ideas to get us prepped for the coming Spring, so have pen and paper at hand!

How we choose to infuse creativity into our photography is personal. Our Photography is the way we really see the world, and when we let our own unique persona shine through our images, we do our very best work. The fun really begins when we start with an idea upfront, before we even pick up our camera.

Armed with these decisions firmly in mind, we are going to be able to make subtle adjustments AS WE ARE SHOOTING IN THE MOMENT. It is this intention that makes ALL the difference, and lets us see with a full awareness, resulting in creative images that we are proud to call our own.” – Robin Davis

Images and Text © 2021 Robin Davis



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