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February 21 2021   That Which Colors the Mind – Live Interactive Online Broadcast

an Interactive Live Online Broadcast as Paul Mercer invites Robin Davis into deep discussion on the intertwinings of color & sound

That Which Colors the Mind – Live Online Broadcast

Paul Mercer’s Interactive Radio Show with guest Robin Davis

Link to our Live Online Presentation:


Music that lets us see colors?!
Paintings that make us hear sounds?!

Come explore this deeper world of the intertwinings of Art & Music, and new ways to see color in the mind’s eye.

Robin shares her Camera Work for controlling the colors you want to appear in your photography, as well as historical insights on the influences of Photography on Painting, and how Painting, Music and different Authors have influenced her exploration of fine art techniques in her own photography.

Paul Mercer Photographed by Robin Davis

Violinist Paul Mercer photographed by Robin Davis

Paul Mercer and his violin, have had a huge impact on Robin and they have collaborated on projects for many years. When they get together to have a creative meeting of the minds, watch out!

Tune in to be a part of what is sure to touch on some enlightening and “Out There” ideas! Robin will divulge a few never discussed theories and discoveries. It is an interactive show and your questions and comments are welcome!



A Raga is a melodic musical system from ancient India, and in the Sanskrit language means both passion and color, or “That which colors the mind”.

In the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, he tells us of both colors and sounds that are indescribable, and not of this earthly reality.

The 1900s paintings of Henri Rousseau take us to a realm of the mind and invite us to hear primordial sounds.

Our discussions are interactive and we look forward to hearing your ideas!



Images and Text © 2021 Robin Davis



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